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Check out the background of this investment professional on FINRA’s Broker CheckBrokercheck

Check out the background of this investment professional on FINRA’s Broker CheckBrokercheck

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Benefits of working
with SmartPro

Full Service Support

Our pros have access to our full back-office team, including SmartPro branding, personalized marketing materials, advisor on-boarding, training platform for new admins and office staff, CRM guidance and training, complimentary access to account opening paperwork, ongoing account maintenance, complimentary trade desk, an in house OSJ to handle all compliance requirements, and access to special weekly Smartpro training events.

National Provider

SmartPro is a member of the Elite National SmartVestor program. Dave Ramsey selected the best SmartVestors to provide service to areas which are underserved by local SmartVestor Pros. Many of our new advisors have access to our one of a kind lead platform that allows you to serve Ramsey listeners like no one else. 

Dave Ramsey’s Advisory Council

SmartPro’s founders serve on Dave’s exclusive Advisory Council, a small group of select SmartVestor Pros. Through ongoing communication and annual meetings in Nashville, the Advisory Council helps Ramsey Solutions direct SmartVestor Pros and develop best practices, which allows you to be uniquely positioned to serve Dave Ramsey listners! Smartpro is the Largest group of Smartvestor Pro’s in the Country!


We value your independence and never want you to be forced to recommend a proprietary product or service. As a Smartpro advisor you have the freedom and independence to offer your clients the products that you determine make the most sense for them.

Proprietary Funds/Portfolios

Our SmartPro advisors have access to a custom built complete suite of managed strategies created by SmartPro specifically for our clients. These strategies were created specifically for Smartpro clients, and are in line the Ramsey investment principles. Our models reflect exactly what Dave talks about. By using Smartpro managed models you can leave the research, management, and trading to our expert team.

Team Approach

Although we are all independent, we rely on each other to develop our skill sets and keep pace in our constantly changing industry. We are always sharing innovative solutions, new products and industry knowledge with each other in person, and at our regional meetings. No one can be an expert at everything, but because our pros regularly collaborate, we have the tools to help everyone, regardless of how unique their individual situations are.

Turn-Key Marketing

By tapping into an established and trusted brand you can jumpstart your business by leveraging SmartPro’s excellent reputation. As a Smartpro advisor you’ll gain access to our social media network, a custom advisor website, a library of consumer friendly articles, publications, and ongoing monthly client marketing publications and more.

Top Technology

As a Smartpro advisor you’ll have access to some of the best tools available to serve your clients, including:

-BlackDiamond Software (including mobile app)
-Lead Management Software
-CRM Platforms
-Estate Planning Software
-G-suite email/Calendar Management

Be Brave
Breathe Life
Leave Normal Behind

That’s what we believe here at SmartPro Financial. SmartPro exists to support your business and help you develop and grow as an advisor and

We have built a company counter to the corporate world where you and your family are valued and respected. We want to help you grow your business so that more people have access to a financial future done with the care that everyone deserves.